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广州市城管部门上下联动 铲除城中违建“顽疾”

国土资源部对不动产登记乱收费说“不” 说明

南宁查处房地产违法案件29起 罚没73万多元

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1.宜家也玩O2O? 2015家居市场规模将达4万亿
2.合租要迎春天? “群租”“合租”界限仍需明确
3.家居业“触网”须三思 借“众筹+众创”把握市场


1. A lone European telephone bidder paid a top price of 9.1 million for a smaller 1825 version of John Constable’s admired but difficult-to-love 1824 vertical landscape, “The Lock,” that had been in the same British family since 1855.
2. At the center of the speculation is BlackBerry’s healthy intellectual property portfolio, 44,000 patents and still growing. Last October, for example, the company won at least 27 new ones—covering everything from conference-calling interfaces to touch screens to security features for wearable technologies such as smart watches, eyeglasses and fitness bands. Security continues to be BlackBerry’s biggest selling point with businesses. Just ask the Sony movie studio division, which “resorted” to outdated BlackBerrys to restart communications after its security breach last Thanksgiving.
3. Welcome, and before we begin – please accept our apologies. Your four-hour nightmare wait at passport control should not be taken as a symptom of Britain's contempt for foreigners. It is merely a symptom of a woeful lack of spending on a key aspect of travel infrastructure in the run-up to a hugely important event. In other words, it's the government that hates you. Don't worry, they hate us too.
4. Foreign property investment by Chinese companies plunged by 84 per cent last month, as Beijing’s capital controls choked off the flow of foreign acquisitions.
5. 亲爱的妻子
6. 他进一步补充到,“有大约70名法国公民为恐怖分子当兵战死在叙利亚和伊拉克。”


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1、遭遇最严调控 楼市“初级投资客”最先撤离
2、别被“定制”吓跑 家具“变脸”不是难题
3、中国炒房客买家席卷全球 未来10年或投7500亿美元
4、楼市新政难解库存高压 业内:一线房价短期难涨
5、龙江着力整治提升家具行业 培养上市企业