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湖南省住建厅:将发布房地产行业“红黑名单” 说明

深圳楼市交易惨淡 “买不起”一族转追小产权房

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1.深圳新房供应放量 降价传导至二手房
2.四季度宽松政策或仍有 楼市对经济数据影响大
4.红星美凯龙复制万达模式 未来8年建100个综合体
5.响应专项行动 至少十一城已对投机炒房说“不”


1. We will push forward with structural adjustment in agriculture.
2. 7The United States
3. 经济学家的预期中值为同比上涨0.9%。
4. Surveys indicate that a majority of women suffer or have suffered gender prejudice when looking for a job, because employers do not want to grant maternity leave. To avoid possible gender discrimination from employers as a result of their entitlement to maternity leave and increase their employment competitiveness, some female job seekers have reportedly chosen to get married and have their children before graduating from universities.
5. Canadian schools continue to lose ground. Only three remain in the ranking compared with five last year and all fall about six places. Among these, Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is the highest ranked at 65, while Smith School of Business at Queen’s University is bottom of the table in 100th place.
6. Economists say that both the residential and commercial markets in Hong Kong will be hurt by the same factors: slower growth in China, the depreciation of the renminbi, a crackdown on corruption on the mainland, and predictions that the US’s low interest-rate environment is due to end. However, government cooling measures introduced in 2012 to reduce speculative investment in Hong Kong property are an additional damper on the residential sector.


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1、面对严峻形势 陶瓷行业何去何从?
3、5月佛山陶瓷价格总指数跌至91.45点 创2年来新低
4、定制家具成新宠 仍存规范缺失及认识误区


      In 2015, the number of migrant residents living in Shanghai dropped for the first time in the past 15 years, Shanghai Television reported Monday.